The InterNex business Line of Credit

Secured by accounts receivable, the InterNex line of credit matches your loan repayment with your customers' payment terms.

Our line of credit is the right fit for clients looking to maximize the amount of liquidity they need for working capital and/or do not want their lender to contact their customers.

Credit lines up to

$10 Million

Approvals as fast as

5 days

Funds available on demand

Request funding to your business bank account with the click of a button. Receive your draw request the same day.


No customer contact

As a non-notified solution, we don't contact your customers so you continue to maintain those relationships.


Credit that grows with you

Funds are instantly available as you invoice customers. As your business grows, you can request a same-day increase to your line of credit.


True revolving line of credit

Enjoy the flexibility to draw as much or as little from your available credit. As you invoice and receive customer payments, your available credit replenishes.

How InterNex Line of Credit Works

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  • 1

    See your proposal

    Answer a few quick questions to see if your business is a fit. If it is, submit your application and documents to receive a proposal in 48 hours.

  • 2

    Get approved

    Once you accept your proposal, complete any final information requests for final review.

  • 3

    Submit invoices

    Connect your accounting software or upload invoices to your InterNex dashboard to create available funds for your business.

  • 4

    Receive ongoing funding

    Draw from available funds anytime and receive the money same-day. As your customers pay your invoices, your line of credit balance is paid down.

What you need to get started

Minimum qualifications
B2B business model
2+ years in business
$1 Million - $75 Million annual revenue
U.S. based operations
What you need to apply
Last 3 mo. bank statements
AR Aging
Debt Schedule
Financial statements

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